Who's Betraying Us?

I was frankly disgusted by MoveOn.org's portrayal of General Petraeus in the New York Times. Of course they are entitled to their point of view, and I suppose in these times it is not even that unusual to personally smear a political opponent's integrity, although in my opinion it remains vile.

What struck me, though, was the fact that they were willing to smear him before he even spoke. Was this a shot across the bow in an attempt to intimidate him, or merely red meat for the far left? (And I mean faaaar left. Come on, even Pelosi thought it was too much!)

Well, now Mike at The Last Best Place suggests that there might be another angle. I remember that Senator Tester said he was going to make Washington, DC, look more like Montana.

Are personal smears of decorated war veterans the Montana way? Would most Montanans sit still for this if they had a chance to make a public statement against it? Sen. Tester did.

Maybe Washington just made Sen. Tester look more like...well...Washington?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Gee Guy, gotta part company with you on this one. The ONLY decorated war heroes the right hasn't smeared are the one's that support Georgie's Orgy of Slaughter for Big Oil in the middle east. I mean, take Marine Capt. Scott Ritter, Republican, for example, who was basically the ONLY war hero Republican who called this "war" correctly from the very beginning. This man has been dragged through the mud repeatedly, but he never wavered. He's tough, and he knew he was right. You see, any military man who disagrees with Bush's folly is immediately let go, like the other generals were. People have this one figured out. And they're tired of being insulted with supposed "good news" reports outta Iraq. I think that's what's happening here. We've gotten to the point were Bush just can't fool any of the people any of the time any more. But I still DO have great respect for the military people who are speaking out. They do so at great risk to their careers, but they also cannot sit idly by while one deranged moron of a president destroys our military, which is curently happening. Bush does NOT have the right to do that. The military belongs to us ALL, and must be used wisely and judiciously. If Bush wants a private war, he can continue with his Blackwater pals without public funding. This is what warlords and war criminals do around the world anyway.


GeeGuy said...

I agree with you, LK, that no one should be smeared for taking a political position, either pro-administration or con. You make many accusations; I am not contending they are false. I am simply without facts or knowledge to agree with or dispute them. I have, however, seen the MoveOn.org ad.

Additionally, we can't simply listen to the military people whose account fit our personal beliefs. I cannot ignore those who say the effort is failing (like the Montana kid who died recently after writting an editorial in the NYT) and you should not ignore those, like Petraeus, who give a more positive account simply because you disagree with Bush.

And this raises a more significant problem. All of the media has become so politicized that one can find support for almost any point of view. How can you trust any report? Do we just choose to agree those where we agree with the particular slant?

Anonymous said...

LK makes the silly claim that the "only" decorated war heroes who have been "smeared" are the ones who back Bush's war.

If he'd do a little research, he wouldn't make such foolish statements. Among the decorated generals who have spoken out against the war -- without being "smeared" -- are Zinni, Van Riper, Newbold, Trainor, and Batiste. You could probably put Powell in that group as well. And there are more.

I do have to admit, though, that what LK lacks in facts, he more than makes up for in hyperbole, which helps obscure the fact that his arguments are sadly lacking in facts.

WolfPack said...

LK- Are you really an admirer of Scott Ritter the pedophile? His legal troubles with 14 and 16 year old girls were oddly swept under the rug by people in the system that I'm sure agree with your feelings on the war and Bush. But I'm sure none of this gives you pause as long as Ritter's message rings true with your beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what can I say, Wolfpup. It's your party you can cry if you want to! He simply joins all the other pervs in the Grand Ol' Party! But his legal troubles in no way affect his basic message, and that is that he was right when everyone else was wrong, and had the courage to say so. For that, he is to be admired.


WolfPack said...

LK- Funny how different people see things different ways. I got out of it that he is so motivated by his own self interests he will do things that compromise his integrity. Whether he's trolling for little girls on the internet, which I'm sure he knows is wrong, or being dishonest about his views to pimp his books. He has a long record on both sides of the WMD issue which your people conveniently put out of your minds just like his taste for little girls.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Leftwing hate machine at it again.

Patia said...

Oh, right, because the Republicans never smear decorated veterans.


Anonymous said...

Snort Cough Leftwing whiners snort Cough.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry invited Americans to look at his military record when he "reported" for duty at the Democratic convention.

The campaign ads to which Democrats objected so much, the supposed smears, had recordings of Kerry testifying to Congress many years ago in which he accused his fellow soldiers of raping and pillaging Vietnamese citizens, etc. Kerry later conceded that these claims were over the top.

Only in a liberal's fevered imagination is it a "smear" to be confronted with one's actual words.

Patia said...

Better a liberal whiner than a cowardly, anonymous right-winger.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

- Speaking of Cowardly -

MoveOn.org was started back when Clinton was President by George Soros to keep attention from being focused on all of the Clinton Scandals.

Rush Limbaugh, who I agree with on these points, said:

1)"Hillary is a professional at making herself sound like a victim."

2)"During the testimony from General Petraeus, not one Democrat asked, 'What can we do to help you, the troops, and the war effort?"

Anonymous Non-Whining Rightwinger -

Anonymous said...

A different Mr. Anonymous: By the way, Kerry deserves kudos for having the courage to call out MoveOn for its juvenile attack on Petraeus. And I see that Elizabeth Edwards also has whacked MoveOn too, proving once more that she wears the pants in her family.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting to hear from Tester, Baucus, Clinton, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc.