At 21:33 of the Coal Plant Video

At 21:33:

Ed McKnight: I would like to ask Commissioner Kuntz, you talked about stepping up and taking leadership in this power process. And yet all the information I have, either the coal plant or Electric City Power, you have done nothing but lose money.

Channing Hartelius: So is that your question?

McKnight: If losing money is an indication of leadership, is that the kind of leadership that we need?

Hartelius: Did you under...did you get the question?

Diane Jovick-Kuntz: I did. And again your figures and my figures are different on the losing money. You've gone to the budget and picked one particular line item out of our budget and said we're losing, we're losing, we're losing. You have not gone and visited with Coleen Balzarini on a regular basis regarding this issue so you view us as losing, losing, losing. I don't view it that way, and I think with Electric City Power, because of the obligations that we have, for the contracts, for the next 20 years, there will be enough revenue to carry us through. And we will not continue to lose money.

Hartelius: Thank you Diane.

[Emphasis Added]

See, p. 28, p. 7 in Adobe Acrobat: Operating Loss, Electric Fund:

Actually, I think we have the same figures, don't we? And yes, I am picking out one line from the AUDITED financial statements. It's the line called "Operating Income (Loss)."

The obvious: If we're not losing, losing, losing right now, how can we "continue" to lose money? Good question, eh, Dr. Freud?


Scoop Montana said...


She would fit right in on the Missoula City Council, where "Operating Income" is also considered an obscure line-item.

Send her over...


Dave Budge said...

Scoop, I beg you to rethink that proposition.

Hutch said...

We could sweeten the pot a little if you take her. Eh? We could fumble the next fortune 500 company your way. Deal?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she can balance a check book and handles her investment portfolio?

: )

I know Jolley and McKnight can and do.

rooster said...


Too funny!