A Donation

An anonymous benefactor has agreed to contribute the cost of hiring a videographer to videotape the debate.

Thank you!

It will be taped, and will be put online just as soon as I can figure out how to do it!

Remember: Wednesday, October 17, 7:00 p.m. Northwest Center, 2201 Northwest Bypass


Anonymous said...

Too bad our own local public Cable 7 isn't doing it..........but perhaps better without, since it could receive specialing 'editing'....like city minutes which are 'santitized'

Anonymous said...


I have been looking at Utube for the videos I take of our City Council Meetings. It appears fairly simple and it might be something to look into. I am having a problem because my computer is old and slow but if your machine is at all up to date, you shouldn't have much trouble.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked into renting a camera from cable 7?

They might be willing to rent out professional camera to a responsible party.


ZenPanda said...

You are putting a tremendous effort into this- Great job!
My hat is off to you & your help!

Janna Miller said...

I can help on the tape to disc to computer end! it's what my hubby does for a living, so if you need any help let me know and we can help you get those babies online!