GF Debate-Conclusion


Anonymous said...

Went to GF City Commission site and ran a search on each candidate to see the types of questions they have asked at the meetings.

Interesting - to say the least.

GeeGuy said...

Well? Tell us.

Anonymous said...

It's probably best for people to do the search for themselves because the pages contain and phrases occur are somewhat deceptive.

Remember...it's context and content that matter along with the persons political philosophy on socialist solutions vs fiscal & personal responsibility with taxpayer dollars that matter most:

45 pages contain "lewin":

These phrases also occur:
Stuart Lewin (59 times)
Stewart Lewin (3 times)
Guest Stuart Lewin (1 time)
Lewin's comments (1 time)
Lewin's questions (1 time)
public hearing Lewin (1 time)
Stuart Lewin's office (1 time)
Lewin further (1 time)

78 pages contain "bronson":

These phrases also occur:
Bill Bronson Mr (34 times)
Bronson's question (16 times)
Bill Bronson (15 times)
William Bronson (7 times)
Carol Bronson (5 times)
Chairman Bill Bronson (3 times)
Bronson Mr (3 times)
Bronson voting (1 time)
Commission reappoint Bill Bronson (1 time)
Bronson abstaining (1 time)

9 pages contain "hensley":

No pages contain the phrase "lawrence steele".

These words appear:
lawrence (16 times)
steele (4 times)

No pages contain the phrase "larry steele".

These words appear:
larry (160 times)
steele (4 times)

355 pages contain "jovic" (best 100 shown):

5 pages contain "kahn":

22 pages contain "jolley":

These phrases also occur:
Mary Jolley (34 times)
Jolley's May (1 time)
Jolley letter (1 time)

9 pages contain "mcknight":

Again, please, take the time to READ what I have offered here. Do not be misled by number of pages - it is content and context that matter most.

Anonymous said...

For a real sorry laugh, search the city website for "5-0"

268 pages

rooster said...

ECW, et al;

Like GeeGuy, I too am not eligible to vote in the upcoming election.

Yet my children are educated in town, and I make my living within City limits, therefore I have a vested interest in the election outcome.

I was able to attend the debate. And I am (very) sorry to say that the candidates for Mayor did not impress me one wit. Call me Wolfpack, but I think we might be better off with Ms. Stebbins at the helm.

Fortunately, I was impressed with a number of the candidates for City Commissioner. In my opinion; this election is a one-issue race, but the issue is not coal! I agree with an earlier anonymous post that the issue at hand is open government (or lack thereof).

So, for what it is worth, I would vote to re-elect Ms. Stebbins (her challengers are simply too…amateurish?). In addition, I would like to see Mr. Bronson and Ms. Jolley fill the two vacant Commissioner seats. This might be enough of a shuffle to derail the coal plant (for those of you who can not see beyond that issue). Yet I suspect this slate would be savvy enough to govern the City’s business above and beyond ECP. You know, basic things like police, fire, protection from invasion, and infra-structure.

I suspect also that Ms. Jolley would work toward that whole “accountability” thing as well…

P.S.; By all means, I would not want to see Diane Jovick-Kuntz re-elected. Her disdain for public input truly saddened me.

Anonymous said...

rooster, the best thing is you cannot vote in Great Falls. We the citizens have had enough of that amateur grade C actor. Larry Steele has more integrity in his little finger than Stebbins and only lacks the stage polish. Each candidate has something better to offer and more importantly a sincere belief that we can do better and the energy to try. Substance bests acting any day.

Stebbins failed to hold onto any of her promises and did a 180 within days of taking office. Voters remember when they are lied to by slick used car salesmen. Send her back to acting, we need a worker in this position.

Kuntz and Stebbins are two of a kind. Very hard to believe you only see it in one of them.

Anonymous said...

Send her "Mayor Stebbins" back to rehersal school. We need real concerned citizens on the Commission not self serving actors!