The Great Debate

Whew. It's over.

I thought it was fun, and informative. While I would have enjoyed a larger turnout, the place wasn't empty. Plus, we had great media coverage and we will get the whole thing online before long.

Thank you very much to Channing Hartelius who did an excellent job. Thank you to Steve and Charlotte for Charla and everything else. (Unless I don't get my deposit back.) Hats off to Diane Jovick-Kuntz for coming, even though you had a target on your back. And thank you very much to all of the candidates for running and for coming and laying it out for us to see.

We had 'professional' judges from the ranks of both the CMR and GFH Debate Teams. (If any of you guys are reading this, thanks, and I hope all my kids are like you). They picked:

1. Ed McKnight
2. Stuart Lewin
3. Elna Hensley

We also had 'amateur' judges, also known as the audience. They picked:

1. Mary Jolley
2. Ed McKnight
3. Bill Bronson

Thank you to everyone who came, and we will have more in the next several days.

(P.S. Thanks Dave and Witsoe for helping me clean up. Now we know what "grassroots" really means.)


Anonymous said...

How many paid admission?

Anonymous said...

Well done......for Great Falls this
is a 'paradigm shift' for the better..........let's hope this
energizes citizen participation in councils, with Downtown development and energy......

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great event. A hat tip to Gee Guy and Dave Sherman. But I gotta say that I was totally AMAZED at ms. kuntz's response to the question about why the people of GF were not allowed to vote on the plant. She fairly foamed at the mouth and became nearly rabid! (actions that would get her ejected from a city council meeting if she were a member of the audience) But her answer was that since she was "elected" by the people, she could do basically whatever in the hell she WANTED to do! This is nuts, folks. But very typical of the attitude of our current council. I guess that she doesn't quite understand the in this country, you govern with the consent of the governed. If not, you govern with the CONTEMPT of the govern. And that's where we're currently at. People are very, very angry, and ms. kuntz's attitude is EXACTLY why. But overall, a great night. Gotta run, but back later with comments on the format.


GeeGuy said...

Everyone who came paid admission. Except for the students.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Geeguy for setting this up for the candidates and the public. I thought it was a very well conducted and civil debate. I respect Ms Kuntz for attending, but disagree with her positions and attitude toward the taxpaing public. Ed Mcknight, Stuart Lewin, and Mary Jolly were exceptional at answering the questions with intelligence and appearance. We now know who to vote for!

Anonymous said...

I was at the debate. I respect Diane Jovick-Kuntz for attending.

I have held jobs that include a great deal of interaction with 'the public.'

When you have been working with 'the public' for so long that you begin to hold them in disdain, it's time to move on.

Ms. Kuntz, why do you want this position? You have served the public too long. You don't like us, you disagree with us, and I don't get the sense you really want to hear from us. I truly think you will be happier if you just withdraw.

GFgirl said...

Thank you GeeGuy and Dave at Greater Falls for a very well organized and civil debate. (I like civility)! I agree with the posters who were not impressed with Diane Jovick-Kuntz, although I was not surprised by her attitude. It is typical of what is displayed at the city commission meetings. She also did not answer some of the questions as they were asked, but gave rather, what I thought to be, canned answers. She was definitely promoting the current agenda of the commission and offered nothing new or any gave any suggestion of change.

Anonymous said...

I was unable to attend but heard it turned out extremely well. Look forward to seeing it online.

Anonymous said...

Your party GF bloggers so you have every right to be pleased. I commend you for taking the time and energy to pull this off.

Nice lesson for the debate team so consider your time and expense a gift to the public schools.

Reality Check -

Coal plant this, coal plant that, all issues lead to the coal plant. How about the other pressing issues facing this city? What happens after the coal plant is stopped or built? Most of these fine folks are single issue candidates. How will they govern with all their energy focused on this single issue? Always looking for another coal plant hidden under the bed. How about some wider vision? What are the short/long term plans?

Amateur judges? Oh come on, you mean Friends & Family. Kudos to Jovick-Kuntz for entering that lions den without her 5 designated F&F. Now we know why our Mayor did not attend. Her five friends were busy too.

Hopefully all the candidates will clear their calenders to attend the Tribune debate. Then we can finally see this dog and pony show get down to business.

GeeGuy said...

Anon 5:18:

Where you there?

Anonymous said...

RE: "Most of these fine folks are single issue candidates."

Uh, what are you on meth? crack? or just a crazed alcoholic poppin' pills?

Just because you think you have Jedi-mind power to write something we will blindly believe doesn't mean you can turn us into zombie followers.

People who come to Electric City Blog are not mindless voters. They know how to read and use critical thinking skills, especially when there is so much documented information available.

As for the dog and pony show...you're right. The Pro-Leftwing Tribune will probably run the same circus act it does every year.

But the good news is, they won't ever be considered the greatest show on earth again, thanks to GF bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comments on the debate, Like Woodstock, everyone was there, right? Well, I was not. I'm not sure what these outspoken critics are out for, but clearly they represent the status quo of the current administration.

The majority posting here are on the same team so we preach to the choir when we post. My concern is what will the people that get their news from the Tribune and TV think? How about the elders that do not use the web? They read the tribune's story about 3 dozen viewers, so they think, what is the fuss all about?

I'm not convinced the tide is so strong to defeat Stebbins and J-K. Look at the city meetings, the same small group of citizens come in each meeting and fight the fight. Where is the rest of Great Falls? Where was the call for a referendum as the deals were inked. Why no outrage in mass? Those meetings should have been overflowing.

Why does the mayor find reason not to participate? She must be pretty sure of her position. The public is about to vote in Hillary. Tells you something right there.

Don't stop talking to you friends within your own camp, get out and talk to strangers. This election is to important.