Power Contracts, Part III

I received a telephone message from the City Clerk today at a little before 5:00 (I was on the other line).

She has received some of the contracts I have requested.

I'll try to put them up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Will the city 'come clean' on who
the next prospects are? It's our
right to know..........

Anonymous said...

zzzz...huh what????

mary jolley said...

George Golie at the last comission meeting seemed to say he was getting his power from ECP. Also Mr Gregori said that as of Oct. 1st he was too. Why did we not have a Public Hearing to set those rates? Golie is a board member of ECP and a Union Agent and now a customer. Is that three conflicts of interest? How can he represent the citizens of Great Falls while wearing those hats?

GeeGuy said...


1. Is Mr. Golie getting his power at the rate subsidized by water?

2. Can't you leave these poor people alone?

mary jolley said...


I do not think there has been a public hearing on rates, so I don't know if the credit applies.

And can I leave these people alone - I can, but shall I?


Anonymous said...

Mary, with this mound of doublespeak BS, you will need a bigger shovel if you plan to get the truth.

Anonymous said...


And the customers are?

Let me guess, the ink is not dry yet? The Internet is down?