Who's on First?

According to Martha Cappis, the City's Operations Supervisor, and Coleen Balzarini, the City's Fiscal Services Director, the Wholesale Power Contract that the Commission adopted last night was "written by Dorsey & Whitney, bond counsel for the City, with extensive review by the City's entire finance team, as well as the City's outside consultants."

Yet, today we learn that the contract was apparently drafted by SME's (or is that SWE's) lawyer, Mike McCarter, with apologies for the dearth of internet access in Great Britain:

"Mike McCarter, an attorney for SME, said he had been in England and found it difficult to get computer access there.

"'We apologize for the typographical errors,' he said. 'They don't change anything.'"

Can I understand the typos? Certainly, we all make mistakes.

That's not really the issue, though, in my opinion. I am more curious about what our City Staff placed in the public record about the "extensive review" of this document. Now, either this statement was truthful and, despite the "extensive review" of our lawyers, our "entire finance team," and our "outside consultants," we nevertheless were left with a draft document that is "full of errors."

Or the statement was not truthful.


Anonymous said...

here is no risk.
There is no risk.
There is no risk.

left with a draft document that is "full of errors" .... or the statement was not truthful.

There is no risk.

Anonymous said...

I did not realize that England was so backward and devoid of internet access points and computers with spell checkers and ....Duh!

Anonymous said...

They type on the right side of the road. Right?

You get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I spent one month in the UK, from John o'Groats to Hastings and didn't have ONE PROBLEM GETTING INTERNET ACCESS. It was EVERYWHERE.

I even plugged into the car and the laptop functioned

What is he talking about? No internet.

No truth.