Spending our Money

A local moralist, Robert Alfred, provided everyone at the sign code hearing with several tearful readings from the Bible.

Do I have anything against the Bible? Of course not. Do I have anything against a citizen using his First Amendment rights to voice his objections to an issue? Nope.

What I do have an objection to, though, is our Mayor's granting people a podium in which to sound off on an issue that is not before the Commission. The City Commission was not considering the legality of gaming and, frankly, lacks the power to do so. So why are we treated to a repetitious sermon on the sign code? I'm pretty sure the Bible is silent on sign codes.

So here's the point. Someone is paying to keep the lights on in the Civic Center, someone is paying the salaries of all the City staff sitting there, someone is losing money as all the people in the audience have to wait and wait through irrelevant ramblings. And that someone is us. If Mayor Gray refuses to keep the comments on point, it costs us all money.

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