Three Cheers for John Rosenbaum!

In what I think was a brilliant procedural move, Commissioner Rosenbaum proposed an amendment to the sign code substantially reducing the cost of obtaining a grandfather permit. But what was brilliant about it was that he set it up as a two step process.

First, the Commission voted on the amendment to reduce the fee, which passed. Then the Commission voted on the sign code itself, which also (unfortunately) passed. Commissioner Rosenbaum voted yes on the fee reduction, but no on the code. In other words, he allowed himself to do the right thing not once, but twice and also ensured that even if the code passed, it still had a chance to pass with the reduced fee.



Anonymous said...

John Rosenbaum is a jackass and he should be impeached. He is a disgrace to the city.

GeeGuy said...

Do tell. How about a "why?"