Why now?

What a lame-assed newspaper we have. Seriously. Don't you just love how they pronounce that things are not news and not worthy of their snooty interest? They are, oh, so above this stuff.

Case in point. The City Attorney decided, for some apparently unknown reason, to change the ballots this last election with very little notice to the public. Now I'm not saying Dave Gliko necessarily had some nefarious plan in mind, but Stuart Lewin, a losing candidate, is ticked off.

So, the Tribune prints an editorial today. "Nope, nothing here. No story. Time to mooooove on." Long time readers might recall that they declared the same about Mayor Gray's sweetheart land deal with MacKenzie River Pizza on the river bank or, for that matter, about Monica Lewinski (yup, no story there...just a Presidential Impeachment!)

I don't know, you'd think a real journalist might have a few questions before they blithely go skipping on to the next story about racist hurricanes or Indian powwows or Lewis and Clark or some such. You know, like: "Why now? Why did you change ballots now, Mr. Gliko? You implied the County Attorney told you to do it, but Ms. Diekhans says she didn't. Did she? Why didn't you call us? We would have put a big story in the paper about the new ballots? But why now, Mr. Gliko? And why did you presume to make this decision, Mr. Gliko? Isn't this something the elected City Commission should have considered?"

Hey, where are the comics? Let's move on.


a-fire-fly said...

I too, find it a lame-assed newspaper. I find your reaction to it just and good.

dona stebbins said...

I think Stuart Lewin is entitled to a reasonable explanation of "why." It is my belief that this was a questionable way to run the election, and I would like to know why the Tribune didn't print the ballot with an explanation of the change in procedure. Don't they usually print a ballot in advance of the elections?
I appreciated this in the past, as I used it as a teaching tool for my daughter - we discussed the issues, the candidates, and we marked the sample ballot accordingly.
I wonder why they abandoned this procedure this time...

Jim Rohrich said...

And can anyone explain why the local media outlets... KRTV, KFBB, KTGF... don't report this kind of news? Whoops... I forgot. We're on day 4,000 of the repeating Lewis and Clark stories.

Dona - here's hoping you win in November.

dona stebbins said...

Thanks, Jim! I appreciate your support. People seem to want a change - I'm ready for one, too.

SallyT said...

"Don't they usually print a ballot in advance of the elections?"
Not since I got back to GF (2000)

SallyT said...

BTW, I voted for only one mayoral & two commission candidates in the primary because someone has convinced me that more votes dilute the vote--besides, not much of a field to choose from.

I didn't vote for mayor last election...& noted that the unopposed Mr Gray won with only 73% of the vote.

Perhaps Mr Lewin dropped his complaint when he finally realized the change actually gave him more chance for votes?

Oh, and have any of you seen the ballot language for the coal-fired generator issue?? Dona?

I contacted the Trib & got the "we appreciate your comments" stuff, but still no report of what we will be voting on (though the Trib has made it very clear that there are a lot of environmental concerns over the plant)