Heads will Roll

I predict that heads will be rolling at the Tribune next week. Why? Because I actually enjoyed The Edge column this week.

No, I am not egotistical or deranged enough to believe that anyone at the Tribune really cares what I think, or what I write here. That was a joke.

But I thought the column this week did raise some interesting points, and managed to do so without being condescending or arrogant. They pointed out that our Governor needs to lead on the school funding issue, predicted a budget fight in the Senate where the Democrats will paint themselves as fiscal conservatives while advocating increased spending, corrected an error in a funny way, and reminded us of a victory for the Cascade County Attorney's office. Nice.

But it made me think. Other than their token conservative columnists, why don't Gannett and the Tribune, in deference to their 'diversity policy,' hire a conservative to actually serve on on their Editorial Board and write editorials once in a while? Why don't they want to serve the entire community?

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