A legend.

You know, it's an amazing coincidence. I was at Hastings a couple months ago, and for some reason I decided I wanted to buy a Johnny Cash CD. (I am not now nor have I ever been a country music fan.)

Anyway, I really enjoy it. And what do you know, a month later he's at the top of everyone's list because of the new movie, Walk the Line.

If you're not a Johnny Cash fan, you just might be. He's an interesting man, and his music is very entertaining. Go to his website. If you maneuver around and choose audio, you can hear a good playlist of his music for free.


david said...

It was Johnny Cash that got me listening to country music about two years ago; he was the "hook" that made me realize that there was some good, good stuff in the old country songs.

Big Sky Husker said...

A great musician. Have several of his CD's. Live at Folsom Prison is my fav.