Newsflash: Bush Nominates a CONSERVATIVE to the Supreme Court

Senate Minority Leader broke the important story recently that President Bush's latest nominee to the US Supreme Court is a...gasp...conservative.

Don't you just love how the left acts as though disagreement with their political philosophy is a matter of shame that should disqualify one from public service?

Let's be forthright. This issue from the left's point of view is primarily about abortion. Am I pro-life or pro-choice? Neither. I am pro-reality. The reality is that abortion, in some form or another, is here to stay.

But there is an interesting problem in the left's analysis. If Roe v. Wade is reversed, abortion will not be automatically illegal throughout the land. The issue will merely devolve to the state legislatures or, as us idealists might say, the people, for their decision on the issue.

So if, as Sen. Reid and his pals assert, the pro-life position is dangerously extreme, what do they have to fear? Clearly once the question is passed down to the state legislatures, those extremist pro-lifers will not be able to muster the majorities necessary prohibit abortion in the states, right? If the pro-life position is truly a fringe position supported only by a small minority outside the 'mainstream,' pro-choice advocates have absolutely nothing to fear from the states.

But everyone understands that abortion is usually either supported or opposed by the thinnest majority, depending on the public's mood and the specific issue presented. If the people have the right to decide the issue, they just might decide against abortion in some cases. And that absolutely infuriates the left, so they insist that the matter remain in the hands of the courts.

By the way, when Judge Alito proclaims that "the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion," he's probably right. Go read the Roe v. Wade decision. Justice Blackmun created this "right" out of thin air. Whether you think the whole "penumbra" argument and the right to privacy is a good thing or not, one thing is for sure. It wasn't created by the founders, it was created by the Court in 1965 (see, e.g. Griswald v. Connecticut).

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