Swing Vote?

First of all, thanks to AJ Tooley for this link.

So, Randy Gray's loss to Dona Stebbins is an example of a Democrat defeating a Republican incumbent? Whoever drew that conclusion doesn't follow our local political scene very closely. Randy Gray is hardly a Republican. How many GOP candidates do you know of that are heavily supported by the plaintiffs' bar?


david said...

Freakin' idiots. Our Mayoral race was explicitly non-partisan: no declared parties, IIRC.

And at the Election Night gathering with Dona, the variety of supporters was quite remarkable. For instance, Joe Briggs, who is anything but a Democrat, as far as I know. In fact, isn't he the highest-ranking elected Republican in Cascade County?

Anonymous said...

Gray was so far left on the scale that he appears on the right (remember Space Invaders). Hopefully Stebbins will be more middle of the road and stick to the working mans version of the democrat party.


Joe Briggs said...

The team of people involved in Dona's victory could best be described as very broad. The group included Republican party officials, Democrat party officials, Independants and most importantly, people who had never been involved before.

Those who voted for Dona likewise cut across all of political spectrum.

From my vantage point, this race had nothing to do with either party, it had to do with a simple question.... do you think Great Falls needs a change.

Mayor Gray has much to be proud of during his terms, but the majority of people who voted last week agreed that it was time for a change.

In response to David's comment about me being the highest elected Republican office holder in Cascade County, I share that honor with my fellow County Commissioner Lance Olson.

dona stebbins said...

Gosh, I just LOOVE being claimed by everyone :-) In truth, my allegiance is to the people of the city of Great Falls. I have no party affiliation, nor am I a "purchased" candidate of the tavern owners. (As you all know)
The Tribune asked how I 'assembled' the coalition responsible for my election, and I answered that I made no effort to assemble a coalition at all. It fell together by itself, and on election night, I looked around the room and was amazed at the different folks that assembled.
To those who supported my candidacy, thank you all. I will do my best to represent you fairly. You know that I will listen and answer your questions. I don't know it all - and I will not pretend to have all the answers.
I received a letter today from a young gentleman in Cambridge who thinks I should launch a Mayoral Blog. I have already spoken with David about doing just that, and asked for his assistance. It certainly seems like an idea whose time has come.
What are your thoughts?

GeeGuy said...

As much as I like the idea of a Mayoral Blog, I have two potential problems with it. First, do you think you will have time to do it? If you set it up as a way for people to communicate with you, and then do not keep up with it, it will be a source of criticism.

Second, I am afraid the local media will use it as a source of information with which to skewer you.

GeeGuy said...

Also, I must say that I am honored by Commissioner Briggs taking the time to show up and read this post!

Joe Briggs said...

Although my post yesterday was the first time I have responded, I do read a number of the local blogs on a daily basis. I find them very interesting especially when they are dealing with civic and political issues.

Dona said...

By local media, I assume you mean the Tribune? It might be nice to have the blog so that I could state things in my own words, without having to worry about the "spin" the Tribune might place on those same words...

GeeGuy said...

True enough.