Which is true?


In the course of pushing Iraq towards a government of extremist Islamists who will delight in denying oil to the US should the fancy take them, Bush's occupying troops have discarded even a pretence of humanity, as their disgusting treatment of Doctor Walid demonstrates. This is but one of thousands of instances of hideous brutality against Iraqis by ill-disciplined and vengeance-seeking soldiery whose vicious excesses have created hatred of their country that will last for generations.

Or this?

The Blackhawk helicopter hovered low over a field in the Sunni Triangle. A lone child, about twelve years old, glances up. Someone, his father, or perhaps an older brother, has taught him to hate Americans—which is why the boy picks up a rock and takes aim.

Army reservist Steven Kiel, who is serving in Iraq, describes what happens next. “The gunner has something in his hand, too, and he’s a bit quicker,” Kiel writes in National Review Online. “Whoosh! A soccer ball flies out of the door of the chopper.” For a moment, the boy stands in utter disbelief. He then “collects himself enough to run after the ball.” Once he retrieves it, “he looks up and with a smile from ear to ear, . . . excitedly waves” to his American benefactors.

“Another friend is made,” Kiel writes. “Another member of the next generation is converted.”

You tell me.

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