This guy's an English teacher?

I wrote below about Prof. John Daly's attack on a student for her willingness to oppose his political beliefs. This guy is an English professor.

Very funny update here.

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Matt Singer said...

That is a pretty funny update, but I agree with it more than I agree with the YAF crowd. The guy's letter was political vitriol and fairly intense at that, but he at no point threatened her grades, etc., in his political disagreement with her.

He did, however, show very poor writing skills for a English professor.

Of course, one of the other things that cracks me up is how YAF uses these community college incidents to prove systemic bias in American higher ed. Most CCs are a far cry from even typical state universities, which themselves are far, far different from the systems of elite liberal arts and Ivy League schools that are what conservatives typically use to instill fear of liberals. The fact is that while most elite liberal arts schools are overrun by liberals in both the faculty and the students, you'd be hard-pressed to find an example of a student discriminated against for her or his political beliefs.

Michael Berube has written rather excellently on this stuff.

And Nathan Newman actually makes a great point on the lack of outrage over anti-labor academic policies across the country.