A Christmas Link to Great Falls

Most of us have heard about Boys Town, now Girls and Boys Town. It has been in existence for 88 years, and now operates 19 sites in 15 states and the District of Columbia. For anyone who is not familiar, "Girls and Boys Town, the original Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home, is a leader in the treatment and care of abused, abandoned and neglected girls and boys. For 85 years, the nonprofit, nonsectarian organization has provided these children with a safe, caring, loving environment where they gain the confidence to get better and learn the skills to become productive citizens. Girls and Boys Town continues to further its mission To Change the Way America Cares for Her Children and Families by partnering with communities, schools and other child-care organizations, and using proven technology to refine programs and services in order to meet the growing and more diverse needs of today’s children and families across the country."

What I'll bet most of you don't know, though, is that Father Flanagan's legacy has a link to our little town. Dr. David Boes, (pronounced "base") the best opthamologist in Great Falls (and, generally, just an all-around great guy), is the brother of Father Steven Boes. Dave and his brother hail from Elgin, Nebraska.

A story on Father Boes is scheduled to be on tomorrow's CBS News Sunday Morning Show with Charles Osgood. It is scheduled to run at 7:00 a.m. our time, so if you're done with the festivities, give it a look! This is a true Christmas story.

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big sky husker said...

Work with Dr. Boes. Great guy. And a member of HuskerNation.