Update: Molly Ivins is Full of Baloney.

Update: Molly Ivins, below, claims a UMass student was questioned by Bush's minions after checking out Mao's "Little Red Book." Bullshit.

But pardon my french, Molly.


Jim Larson said...

Molly cites sources. The story may be inaccurate, but you haven't told us why.

Anonymous said...

The UMD chancellor’s office released a statement December 19 that said, “At this point, it is difficult to ascertain how Homeland Security obtained the information about the student’s borrowing of the book. The UMass Dartmouth Library has not been visited by agents of any type seeking information about the borrowing patterns or habits of any of its patrons.” Chancellor Jean F. MacCormack stated, “It is important that our students and our faculty be unfettered in their pursuit of knowledge about other cultures and political systems if their education and research is to be meaningful.”

Kirk Whitworth, a spokesman for the DHS—the U.S. cabinet department that oversees the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the Secret Service, and Citizenship and Immigration Services, among others—said in the December 21 Standard-Times that the story seemed unlikely. “We’re aware of the claims,” he said. “However, the scenario sounds unlikely because investigations are based on violation of law, not on the books and individual[s who] might check [them] out from the library.”

An earlier report that the incident occurred at the University of California at Santa Cruz has proven false.

david said...

Hey Jim -- you, too, can find the truth by simply clicking once or twice:


Jim Rohrich said...


Click on the bullshit link. Looks like the story is dubious.


Link to Boston.com news brings up an "article not found" page.

Ivins is a sore loser.