It's AvMax.

The new company coming to Great Falls is AvMax. They have a variety of divisions, but the local division will represent the Canadian company's first foray into the US market. They do everything from avionics to operate their own airline.

This division will do maintenance on regional jets, or RJ's. It's a growth industry because, like it or not, RJ's are where air travel is going, at least in the near term. Their clients are just about every airline you've heard of. Part of the reason they are coming to the US is their clients' request.

This company sort of fell in our lap. That is not to take anything away from Cynthia Schultz and John Kramer, though, as once the interest was there they sold, sold, sold.

Ultimately it could be nearly 300 jobs, the highest paying of which could approach $50k/year, U.S. The initial refitting will be about $1.2 million, on MBOI financing, with a lease amortization of the upfront costs.

They struck me as nice people.


WolfPack said...


Did they say where they were going to recruit employees from (transfer, local or regional)?

I think there is a lot of ex-aviation/Boeing people in the area. I know 6 engineers in the area who were at Boeing when I was. I'm shure there are plenty of mechanics to. Good match for Great Falls.

GeeGuy said...

Our local Job Service manager located roughly 250 people in Montana with skills matching expected positions. Additionally, there is a school in Helena that graduates 40-50 people per year with appropriate skills.

Additionally, this company trains and trains and trains. Employees will spend time in Calgary for training and they may have a training facility here.

a-fire-fly said...

Why go to the Trib for your news? Bloggers have it first!