Debtors' Prison

Ok, I agree that people need to pay their bills. But this is just flat outrageous:

Remember all of the hand-wringing about holding terror suspects indefinitely? Well, at least those guys are terror suspects. This poor fellow owes a civil judgment. And he's going to jail indefinitely? I just hope the County taxpayers don't end up paying a huge civil judgment for this little power play.


david said...

Wow -- is this legal? Is the jail time the result of criminal failure to comply with previous court order?

Treasure State Jew said...

This is a civil judgement? I can see jailing someone for contempt of court; but this seems to be a different situation. Couldn't the court have just seized assets, garnished wages, etc.?

Moral; never go to court without counsel.

WolfPack said...

From some stories I have heard I have come to think Judge Harris has a bit of a Napoleon Complex. But something about it does bring a smile to my face. Hopefully the guy that got early release so this guy could be locked up was not a dangerous offender.


Because of the titillating nature of some of your recent posts I hope Harris doesn’t ask to see your laptop if you bring it to court.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is NOT about being jailed for owing a debt. This is about contempt of court. Failure to follow a judge's order.

Personally, I think the judge was out of line, but I believe it to be legal (but underhanded all the same)

GeeGuy said...

That's a reasonable point, standing alone, anonymous. But here's the problem. Isn't any judgment basically an "order" to pay the debt? By that logic, anyone who doesn't pay a debt faces jail time.

You obviously know a little about this case. Do tell.