Paint GF by the Numbers

Did anyone else happen to catch Butch Larcombe's piece today about gaming in Montana? Far from being the "Casino Capital of Montana," it seems that Cascade County is actually 21st of 56 counties in terms of gambling machines per capita. Hmmm.

Maybe, then, it's our so-called "boosters" (including our FORMER Mayor), who are the problem? Maybe it's those who always tout their supposed love for this community who in fact are really the negative ones, running our image down? So, we're middle of the road as far as the number of machines per person, but these people are out slamming our fair city by claiming we're Casino-ville.

With friends like that...

(With elipsis help from Mr. Kemmick)


Ed Kemmick said...

You've got it! Excellent use of ellipses! And your post reminds me of a story I've always wanted to do but have never found time for: I wanted to look into the popularly held belief that the number of pawn shops in Montana is directly tied to the number of casinos. A few pawn shop folks over the years have told me that's bunk, that the surge in pawn shops has more to do with changing loan policies at banks than it does with casinos.
As for Great Falls being casino-ville, maybe the numbers tell you one thing, but driving down Tenth Avenue (I think that's your main drag, right?) tells you quite another. Maybe the problem is the number of dumpy casinos with really bad signs. Kind of like Grand Avenue here. Impressions do mean a lot.

a-fire-fly said...

In defense of the signs and nothing else- Casino's put more money into signs on Tenth than virtually any other business group. They are forced to adhere to the sign code in self defense, while other business are ignored. Name me a Casino on 10th with cheap, handlettered signs, installed without a permit and inspection. I'll name hair salons, phone stores, restaurants and pawnshops. Tacky and ugly don't count, "you can't legislate asthetics."

Rocky Smith said...

"You can't legislate asthetics"

Don't challenge politicians on this one. They'll be telling you what color of new steel siding to install within the next thirty days- or else! Just because some of them invested in a steel siding company- don't let that get to you.

Don't assume big government people won't ever take it upon themselves to tell you how and when to do upkeep on your private property. They already feel empowered to tell you what you can and can't do on that private property.

a-fire-fly said...

"you can't legislate asthetics."
They tried, and failed. That is why it is in quotes. Part of the sign code they had to change.