Bad Move

I have to side with the Indians on this one. Basically, the Department of Interior, ordered to pay the Indians' attorney fees, proposes to do it with their own money. I predict Federal Judge Royce Lamberth (who doesn't take sh*t from anybody) severely spanks the Department on this one.

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Wulfgar said...

GeeGuy, I agree with you completely ... not cool. I posted over at Not Pillage yesterday about a dKos diary that lays out a significant argument for how the BIA is dis-serving Indians (and Montana, by the way) in an attempt to protect the image of corporate clients who have taken gross advantage of BIA leases (the point of the lawsuit). I realize that you are not the kind of fellow to travel through Kos, but you might want to read that diary entry. I say that in a truly non-partisan way. It's worth while for any citizen of the West to read. The BIA is way out of line, here.