I guess I don't know what the big deal is.

Oh, the folks are all in a tizzy about South Dakota's passage of a bill outlawing abortion. It seems like the most common adjective describing the law is "extreme."

What is more extreme? The people of a state, acting through their elected representatives, deciding that there is certain conduct in their state that they believe is immoral, unethical and should be outlawed? Or a small group of lawyers and judges deciding that an action should be legal, even though it is considered to be immoral and unethical by, at worst, a large minority of the population of the entire country, and maybe even by a majority?

I'd say the latter. In fact, I think that is exactly why the pro-choice contingent does not want the issue put up for a vote of the people, I think they fear/know that a majority of peope disagree with them. How is a belief held by a majority of the people (or even a large minority) to be considered "extreme?" It sounds like "extreme" means anyone who doesn't agree with them.

By the way, I am not a "Right to Lifer" as that term would be typically defined.


Wulfgar said...

How is a belief held by a majority of the people (or even a large minority) to be considered "extreme?"

When a large minority of people believe that blacks are genetically inferior (wasn't so long ago that that was the case), I'd call that a little "extreme". Facts based on any appeal to majority opinion are by their very nature, extreme.

And, for what it's worth, it would appear that a slight majority of South Dakotan's don't agree with the actions taken by their legislature ... certainly not enough support to justify more than 2/3s of the leg voting the way they did. You might paint that as a legislature representing the will of it's people. Considering that that doesn't appear to be the case at all, I will feel no shame whatsoever in painting that as "extreme".

GeeGuy said...

Do you really mean to equate the pro-life movement with racists? You don't see a distinction there?

"Facts based on any appeal to majority opinion are very nature, extreme." What? So, the minority opinion is, what? Mainstream?

Murder is bad. Stealing is bad. One should avoid high fat diets. All of those are extreme views, huh?

If you are correct that a "slight majority" does not agree with the legislature, then they will no doubt vote them out. And the new legislature will repeal the ban on abortions.

In other words, that state will follow the democratic process. The people will govern themselves, not a small group of unelected, black-robed legislators. (But wait, doesn't SD have a Supreme Court? Are they activist?)

Craig said...

Whenever racism and abortion are mentioned together, I can't help but think of Margaret Sanger, and her goals in founding Planned Parenthood.