Our neighbor from Billings, Ed Kemmick, pointed out an error in a recent post. A phrase I have used a couple other times in my blog is "yahoos in the hustings." (here and here) This phrase was used to refer to us folks out here in middle America, generally in the sense of Washington pols not giving a rats behind about us.

As Ed pointed out, a "husting" is really a place where politicians give speeches. (From now on, I think I'll use the term "hinterlands.")

I knew I had heard the hustings phrase before, and the mystery was solved with the wonder of Google. Years ago we had a talk radio program here with a fella named Chuck Harder. He was entertaining, but a bit on the fringe for my liking (black helicopters and all that).

Well, when I searched for the phrase "yahoos in the hustings," I came up with the two references on my blog and, you guessed it, and essay by Chuck Harder.

I stand corrected. Thanks, Ed.

And maybe the phrase should be the "yahoos on the hustings!"

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KarbonKountyMoos said...

I love black helicopters.

Another hinterland yahoo heard from.