John Morrison's Love Affair

John Morrison had an illicit love affair. I already commented on the substance of the case over at Left in the West.

The Tribune also has an article about the affair, and that article requires a comment.

The article states:

Morrison's wife of 15 years, Catherine Wright, accompanied him to the Bar Association lunch at the Montana Club on Thursday.

After the lunch, she stood silently beside her husband as he instructed waiting television reporters to make sure his wife was in the camera shot with him.

"We've been married 15 years and our marriage has never been stronger," Morrison told those cameras.

Note to John, if you are going to manipulate your wife and photo ops to score cheap political points, you might want to do it a bit more subtly. If you are going to "instruct" cameramen, you might want to do it when the newspaper reporters can't hear you!

I also enjoyed the quotes from Gov. Schweitzer: "'Even though we are politicians,' Schweitzer said, 'we're just real people, and we make mistakes. We bleed when we cut our fingers. We bruise when we fall.'" Gosh, really? Us yahoos out here in the hustings (you know, the ones that don't spend all our time out lecturing coal science to our friends in the elite media and Ivy League schools), we thought you all were like Superman.


a-fire-fly said...

Started laughing last night when the nice News anchor said
"Morrison admited to adultery but says he never violated his office."
The next guy in should still Clorox the desk.

Big Sky Husker said...

Not one of the gov's finer moments.

Bigsky1 said...

"You know, I just have to think that Johnny Cash has got to be proud that John Morrison didn't get away with it. Like to hear that he's sorry for what he's done.

Not that it wasn't nothin, but back in the day you'd be hung, not just let to say my wife understands, what B-S.

Ed Kemmick said...

We don't live in the hustings. That word refers to a platform or spot from which politicians give speeches.