Whatever you think of Cal Thomas, I find much to agree with him about in this post.

He omits one other byproduct of discussing actual ideas and policies, rather than simply trying to win the elections: when we discuss actions and interests, we can actually communicate with people with whom we disagree.

In fact, when we talk openly about solutions, funny things can happen. A right-wing extremist might even recommend that you vote for a Democrat.


Joe R said...

Here's an idea for a little investigative blogging.

Wonderful, Governor BS makes a publicity grabbing, show my face in the national media, I want to be Vice President or Director of Interior for President Hillary, trip to Iraq.

Meanwhile back in Montana...

(All of these issues have been reported in the Gazette or Great Falls Tribune) A company does not come to Great Falls Montana with 100 thirty thousand per year and up jobs because Governor BS's office is too lazy to return phone calls or letters. The coal gassification company from South Africa BS has been touting just announced thier plans to build the multi-million dollar facility in Wyoming. The State released a press statement last Thursday announcing that unemployment is on the rise for the first time in five years. And yet all Governor BS cares about is putting his mug in front of the national media.

How about writing an article about how the Governor is still thumbing his nose at Montana law by keeping his brother on staff in his office? How about writing an article about how this same brother strong arms and intimidates private entities to make sure they do things his way, and does so on the Governor's letterhead.

We the people of Montana definitely got what we deserved when we voted in this back door dealing snake oil salesman and his strong arming brother.

GeeGuy said...

How about some more info on the whole 'brother thing?'