Try this.

Search "International ANSWER" in the news category of Google. There is not one link to a mainstream, non-conservative news organization.

Why is that?

Why don't the mainstream organizations want to tell us that today's "Day without Immigrants" was organized by a front group for the Marxist Workers World Party?

Just curious.


Matt Singer said...

That's really not the big story. ANSWER organizes a lot of events and gets taken advantage of for that fact. Their politics are downright abhorrent, though, and most progressives/liberals will be honest on that front. There's no story because there's no controvery on the issue.

GeeGuy said...

At the risk of sounding stupid, I am not really sure of your point. How does ANSWER get taken advantage of and by whom?

Also, if there were counter-demonstrations to the "Day without Immigrants" sponsored by the Nazi party, do you not think that affiliation would be generally reported?

havre_homeboy said...

Think of it like this. You want a REALLY good zuichini, so you wander down to the farmers market and buy one from the Hudderites who have an agrarian bent. You don't really have to be a member of their community to benefit.

Trots in the ANSWER woodpile aside, you'd REALLY compare neo-nazis to "Act Now to Stop War and End Racisim"?

Previewed and Posted I hope...

GeeGuy said...

First, as far as the "posted I hope" innuendo, you might read my response to your last post. I didn't ever delete one of your posts.

And yes, I do not find any great moral distinction between neo-Nazis and ANSWER. Both support forms of government that have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

GeeGuy said...

And I apologize for the poor grammar/syntax in the preceding comment.