Bad Checks, QED

My avid readers (both of them) might remember a couple recent posts about the enforcement of bad checks in Cascade County.

Initially, I made what I thought was a relatively harmless post about some photocopied bad checks I saw in a local store with an offhand remark wondering if our new Chief of Police will make bad checks a priority. I was instantly flamed about how I know nothing about bad check enforcement in Cascade County. (Presumably, at least some of those posting comments were involved in law enforcement.)

I then went and found the County Attorney's bad check policy, and it turns out that I was right.

Then I noted that all the flamer commenters were strangely silent once I pointed out that my initial premise was correct.

Well, the story has come full circle. I received an email from the proprietor of the store where I originally saw the bad checks posted:

Bad checks are, and continue to be a problem with my business. The seeming apathy by local law enforcement towards this crime is maddening. I bet many of the habitual bad check offenders are also breaking other "more serious" laws. The only other crime affecting my business that cops seem to have less enthusiasm for enforcement are gasoline drive offs. The cops don't care. Thanks again, your blog is very entertaining.

I guess I feel somewhat vindicated. Perhaps those in law enforcement who were so quick to attack me for being clueless, might want to look inward and see if maybe there really is a bad check problem in our community. The perception is sure there.


Anonymous said...

Great Falls has the best Police Department that the Citizens demand.

Anonymous said...

The citizens must not demand much or after so many years have very low expectations.