I like John Morrison...

...I really do. But what does the following say about his handling of the whole David Tacke affair?

Those of you who have been asleep for the last couple months might do well to recall that Mr. Morrison, our State Auditor, is running for the US Senate. He recently confessed to an extramarital affair. The clincher, though, is that his paramour's fiance', David Tacke, became a target of a State Auditor's investigation. Accusations are that Morrison took it easy on the fiance' so as not to rile up discussions of his fling.

Now, here's the interesting part. Betsy Griffing was the Chief Legal Counsel for the Auditor's Office during the whole (pardon the pun) affair. Read the whole story here. Ultimately, Morrison admitted the affair to his staff, and Griffing recommended he hire Beth Baker to replace Griffing in the Tacke investigation. Morrison did so.

Then, in yesterday's Great Falls Tribune, the following letter to the editor appeared:

As former employees of the State Auditor’s Office, we worked with Jon Tester when he served in the Montana Senate.

We also worked closely with John Morrison as members of his appointed staff.

When deciding whom to support in the U.S. Senate race, to us, the choice is clear.

Jon Tester is a true public servant with respect for the average Montanan. He is motivated by a desire to make sure future generations of Montanans can enjoy making a living and raising their families in this state.

Jon Tester is the one candidate who can defeat Conrad Burns and make all Montanans proud of their senators again.

Jon Tester is our choice for the U.S. Senate, and we hope he will be yours, too. Please support Jon Tester on June 6 (or when you vote early at your courthouse).
This letter was signed by three Montana women.

One of them? Betsy Griffing. What does that say about Morrison's handling of the Tacke investigation?


Anonymous said...

On Wednesday we can start analyzing why Morrison lost. Was it the affair? How DID he screw up a sure thing? Was it the slick TV ads with the work gloves and Carharrt Coat? Or was it the fact that he is a third generation politician and a trial lawyer?

Lawyers have been leaving the Morrison ship for several weeks like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

A swarmy, slick, chiipy chasing, pretty boy trail lawyer outspends his hay seed opponent by 2/3 and gets his clock cleaned in a landslide. That was hilarious.