I recently got involved in a couple discussion threads (here and here) over at Right in Montana. In doing so, it struck me how much blogging (from both sides, myself included) is really fairly juvenile. The main point of argument usually seems to be that the other side is stupid. Can you say "Nanny nanny poo poo?"

No wonder they make legislatures meet face to face.

Kathleen Parker had a nice piece that is somewhat related. My favorite quote from her article is this:

Kennedy, whose self-caricature is helping put political cartoonists out of business, has declared that all opponents to same-sex marriage are bigots. Right. And all opponents of state-mandated seat belts are child abusers. And anyone who disagrees with me is a moron. Next.

Well said.


The Raving Norseman said...

Heh. I like needling the other guy as much as anyone, and maybe more than some. But bloggers and commenters whose sole purpose appears to be to score points against "the other side" do cause fatigue after a while. And they're a big part of the problem.

But what do I know? I'm just one of those batsh*t crazy right-wing Great Falls bloggers.

But here's something for equal time.

Wulfgar said...

If, as our good Viking friend suggests, this actually is a problem, then I suggest that the blogoshere is simply mirroring the worst parts of the public soul. The truth is, most of us who do this don't do it to "get the other guy". We tend to do it because we want to. We do it for ourselves. Personally, I take little satisfaction at "getting the other side". It's fricking pointless after a while. Buy when all sorts of horrible things are attributed to you, you tend to get pretty nasty in turn. There are those who's only real purpose is to discredit and defame every single one of us who put our thoughts in the public sphere. Your lament here shows that they have been quite effective at it.

Kim, at Revolving Duck, was recently lamenting the fact that what used to be a fairly close group of Montana webwise folk has fallen into disarray. She's not wrong. WRIM is simply a reflection of that malaise. The entire website, by Eric's own admission, is based on dominance and subjugation. Eric and I have often written about getting together for a hoot. But online that will never happen because that isn't what a lot of the 'Sphere is about. In this venue (as with talk radio) a challenge has been leveled, and somebody has to win. And simply put, I don't like to lose.

I don't know that that's a problem; but then I'm a freak who reads the websites of those I don't agree with. It's probably because I think they're just real people behind all this useless typing. WRiM is proof that many don't get that point, and never will.

SallyT said...

For me, scoring points went out with forums. Blogging is about passing on info, analysis and opinion.

For instance, I think Kathleen revealed her basic naivete at the end of her column:
"Rabble-rousing, fear-mongering and race-baiting may keep local constituents happy, but none of it gets us where we need to go - toward sane remedies for a united nation."

It's rather obvious that 'remedies' are not sought by the media and political hacks who are attacking our country, our civilization.

Also, I'm reading Ann's book and think it needs to pointed out that Kathleen's concern proves Ann's point--that Democrats shut down debate by promoting their stooges as unchallengeable martyrs. Which is more uncivil:
A) The manipulation of emotions and spreading of lies which happens to benefit Democrats and other US enemies ?
B) Or the pointed truth and facts about fraudulent situations, beliefs, and history?
If you chose B, you're probably a Democrat.

Wulfgar said...

A) The manipulation of emotions and spreading of lies which happens to benefit Republicans and other US enemies ?

Sally, I may be wrong here, but I'm guessing you don't spend a whole lot of time at WRiM, do you? And if'n you do, you really don't get what Eric stated as his expressed purpose. You see that, right?

Never mind. Probably not.

SallyT said...

let me guess...you figure you 'scored' a point with that comment?
Well, good for you, wulfie!

Eric said...

Never a dull moment! Thanks for the blurb.