The Elite

I have always thought that those who preach socialism or other extreme social changes are usually those who feel that they, personally, will live above the fray and not have to endure the claptrap they preach to others (do you really think Hillary Clinton imagines herself as one of the proletariat?)

For example, Al Gore,world savior, flies around in a private jet. Likewise, I have had a wealthy acquaintance give me grief about my global warming skepticism even though he spends all of his time alone in his SUV or V8 sports car (or private plane). They only logical explanation is that they think they're somehow 'exempt' from the need to conserve because they have the wealth to afford the resources they hog/waste.

So if that's the standard now, I fit too. I only utilize the resources I can afford. If I ever cannot afford the gasoline for my Yukon XL or my Mustang, I won't use them. Then I'll conserve.

In fact, I think most of us use the resources we can afford. The average person can't afford a private jet like Al, our environmental nanny, but we don't use that much jet fuel either. I can live with that standard: conservation requires that we only consume the resources that our given level of wealth allows.

Apparently, according to the Al Gore Elite School of Global Warming Prevention, it's the starving people in Africa who have to conserve our scarce resources.

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SallyT said...

well, I guess Al answers the question, 'what would Jesus drive'...