War on Terror

I don't agree with everything this fellow says, and I think he might be a little too harsh, but he makes some sense. If we're at war, let's win:

Just as the seemingly ubiquitous communist "revolutionary fronts" all over the world seemed to dry up overnight with the destruction of their sponsor, the Soviet communist regime, removing the regimes in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, North Korea, and elsewhere that similarly succored a host of Islamist terror organizations would both give us a clear-cut, straightforward strategy, and also give us the standards by which victory would be measured: the destruction of those regimes would signal victory.
Hear hear.

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Treasure State Jew said...


I don't think that any reasonable source has suggested that North Korea has been a sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

Lumping NK into the group of nations mentioned really undermines credibility. NK is not a nice country, run by a raving loon. However, that loon is a thug with an agenda that doesn't include making up bow toward Mecca.