Griz Athletics

Oh, the irony. You just have to love it.

The Tribune Editorial Board today lamented UM's recent decision to refrain from releasing its student athletes' medical conditions. The writer conjured several conspiracy theories, such as the coach's desire to fool opposing teams, or that the coach is a control freak who can't let one single aspect of his program out of his grasp.

That, perhaps, the student, in consultation with the school, elected to enforce his or her HIPAA rights apparently escaped the Tribune's steel trap intellect. Or, how about the fact that, given the number of individuals in the University's 'information chain,' it was just not possible to ensure that all HIPAA requirements were met?

Nope, there's just no end to the journalist's nosiness and need to know things that are none of his or her business.

But what's ironic is this. Do you think the Editorial Board would be willing to publicly disseminate the health condition of their families?

Come on. These people won't even put their name to their editorials. Did today's author sign it? Nope. But he's entitled to know someone else's business?


a-fire-fly said...

"The Tribune's steel trap intellect"
I love that line!

WolfPack said...

I too was suppressed by the lack of sophistication of the editorial board. The crazy HIPAA regulations are well known to those of us who operate in the real world.