I know there are plenty of anti-Microsoft people out there, but I for one like most of their products. And I use them daily.

I tried Firefox a while back, but after about two months switched back to Windows Explorer. I never really noticed the speed gains everyone talked about, I didn't like the interface, many web pages didn't display properly, and I found it a little buggy too. And, while it had two things I really liked, though, tabbed browsing and a search box within the program itself, Explorer just worked better for me.

So I didn't hesitate at all to install the new Release Candidate 1 of Microsoft Windows Explorer. I ran it for about a week on my home system, and now have it on my office computer as well. I have encountered no major glitches, merely a lock-up or two. I am not so sure that I wouldn't have had the same number of lock-ups with either its predecessor or Firefox.

And, it has tabbed browsing, the inline search box, and a nice interface.

Thumbs up.


Treasure State Jew said...

They had no-where to go but up.

This is Mr. Softies first new browser release in five years, about time ...

TMM said...

Thanks for the tip, I'm going to download it tonight. I agree with you about the display issues Firefox has. I get tired of switching browsers all the time.