Sam Harris Letter to the Editor

This was in the Tribune today. Sound familiar (or here)?

Protect pocketbooks

Just how much money has Sam Harris cost the Cascade County taxpayers? Cascade County has already paid out almost $20,000 for Harris blun­ders so far this year. First, he ruined the hearing impaired woman’s wedding day, costing the county $15,000. Then, he was involved in an arrest over a $55 speeding ticket that cost the county $4,000. Now there is a claim pending for $20,000 for the first “debtor’s prison” case where someone was held in jail for sev­eral days because he couldn’t pay a bill.

Hang on to your hats and your checkbooks. There is more com­ing. If we don’t have enough sense to demand that Harris fol­low the law and honor our fun­damental civil rights, we should at least vote him out of office in order to protect our pocket books.

— Joy Bunton, Great Falls

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