Deja Vu...all over again.

Some of you might recall a piece from nearly a year ago where local Justice of the Peace, Sam Harris, through a guy in jail at Christmas time for failure to pay a debt. We outlawed debtors prisons long ago and, Harris's actions were frankly outrageous.

Well, he's done it again, locking up a single mother of three named Jenice Freer. This time, though, a District Court judge stepped in and brought some sense to the situation. "Neill ruled that Freer's incarceration was unlawful and ordered the Cascade County detention center immediately release the woman. The same day Harris issued an order to release Freer from jail."

There is more on this story coming soon to this website. Stay tuned.


kavulla said...

Wow -- this is really nuts.

He's up for re-election, no?

Anonymous said...

Sam Harris is known as "Slammin'Sammy" in legal circles for his penchant of throwing the book at people, whether they deserve it or not. He should go down the road this time - what a jerk!
He suffers from a Napoleon complex and has no compassion or empathy for those he has in front of him.
There is a difference in being "tough on crime" and outright nastiness.

Anonymous said...
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