When I used to do criminal defense work, one of the most popular questions I was asked was "how do I keep my name out of the paper?" Many people would gladly plead guilty if it did not mean that their infraction would be publicized.

But alas, I explained, court records are public records. The one thing they wanted was the one thing I could not provide.

So I was somewhat surprised to learn that a local emergency room physician was recently arrested for assaulting his family members. I was surprised because I read nothing about it in the Tribune. And I couldn't find it online here, or here.

Now this particular physician was a very vocal supporter of Benefis in its recent row with the Great Falls Clinic. He signed a letter to the editor opposing the Clinic's hospital plans.

I have heard the Tribune accused of bias in favor of Benefis in this dispute. I wonder, do you think, could Mr. John Goodnow accomplish what the lawyers couldn't? Was this story suppressed?

UPDATE: The Tribune ran the story today. Suppressed? No, just delayed.

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free thought said...

I have some police and sheriff deputy friends who like to share stories. Likewise medical friends. Yet the most interesting stories about doctors never seem to end up in the Trib. At least not until another doctor starts making accusations to attack his competition. But I don't suppose that means anything. Just coincidence.