Another Hitler? Again?

GeeGuy must be busy making his list and checking it twice to miss this. So I will pinch hit.

His friends at The View (Joy Behar, in particular, this time) are now comparing Donald Rumsfeld to Hitler. Even though only one made the comparison, no one on the panel challenged her (to its credit, the audience oohed, but that seemed more like shock than disapproval). I understand that many, especially in the far left, do not like Rumsfeld. But Hitler? Does Ms. Behar have any clue who Hitler was? What he did?

On one hand, we have a successful, earnest, and decent, but currently unpopular man, whose recent policies and job performance failed. On the other hand, we have a hate filled man who was single handedly responsible for the greatest bloodshed ever to befall the human race. That seems to go a bit beyond a bad choice of words in an attempt at humor or hyperbole.

But will society care? Does our populace have enough of a sense of history (decency, maybe?) to take a stand against that? Will those on the left realize that disagreement does not require such vicious insults to someone like Donald Rumsfeld? Or, perhaps more importantly, that to use such similes diminishes the memories of those so cruelly massacred in the 1930's and 1940's? I hope so. But I expect The View will continue with all its fan base.

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