On Modern Day Hitlers

My friend, Free Thought, commented on the Joy Behar (what a moron) dustup over comparing Rumsfeld to Hitler. I discussed the issue myself, here.

Speaking of modern day Hitlers, though, it's hard to beat the Iranian contender.

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free thought said...

I agree that Ahmadinejad can be fairly compared to Hitler. Maybe not in terms of the hypnotic personality that allowed him to sway people, but certainly in the extreme views and vicious hatred.

I think the clip was funny. Even so, I do not think that it is wrong to talk to the Iranians. That does not mean we need to concede anything to them (have they asked for France yet?). But there is no harm in talking.

Perhaps if Chamberlain had used his talks with Hitler to make a show of strength, rather than concessions, Hitler would not have been so bold. He may have been held in check. I really do not know what would have come from not talking to him at all.

So why not talk to Iran? If nothing else, we want the progressive, moderate elements of the population to see us favorably. They give us hope for peaceful coexistence in Iran's future.