Imam Update

There is all kinds of information out there about the six Imams denied the right to fly from Minneapolis on a US Airways flight. (I wrote here and here.)

This story contains some source materials including the police report and a letter from a passenger. (The police report includes a copy of the note originally passed by a passenger to the flight staff.)

Richard Miniter concludes:

Tucked away in the police report is this little gem: one of the imams had complained to a passenger that some nations did not follow shariah law and his job in Bakersfield, Calif. was a cover for “representing Muslims here in the U.S.”

So what are the imams really up to? Something more than praying it seems.

Well, maybe. At the risk of stating the obvious, I see four possibilities:
1. They were just innocent victims of the usual American societal discrimination.
2. This was a deliberate publicity stunt designed to provoke the response it received in order to provide an opportunity to complain.
3. This was a dry run designed to ferret out security procedures.
4. This was a foiled hijacking.
What do y'all think?

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Anonymous said...

1, 2 or 4. If it was, in fact, option number one, that doesn't bother me. When is the last time a Christian or Jewish or Baptist or Atheist or Black or Native American or Hispanic person tried to hijack a plane? Sometimes security needs to prevail over political correctness and peoples' feelings.