I haven't been writing lately; I don't really know why. I haven't been completely swamped at work, busy...but no more so than usual. I've been skiing a few times.

Either it's because nothing has really caught my interest, or because I am just kind of tired of it all. Example: I switched my car's radio from talk radio to ESPN Radio.

I'm still paying attention, but I just can't get real motivated to comment. Yawn.

Here's a couple, though, I guess:

  • Does anyone else wonder why we're talking about a tax increase when we're sitting on a billion dollar surplus? I do. (Is anyone surprised that the Tribune supports this tax increase when we're sitting on a billion dollar surplus? I'm not.)
  • Is it just me, or did the Tribune Electronic Edition suddenly change from providing a 30-day archive to a 7-day archive? What's up with that? Was that in our agreement?
  • I'm reading a book right now entitled "Random Family." It is really making me think about the nature of poverty and the solutions to the problems. I hope to compose some sort of reasonably interesting essay on it when I am done. (I highly recommend it.)
  • Did anyone else read the letter to the editor about the City of Great Falls' bureaucratic nightmare that caused two local bed and breakfast businesses to close? Here you go:

Cross purposes
Isn’t it such a great thing to have Brett Doney and his great staff at Great Falls Development Authority working so hard to attract new business to Great Falls?

At the same time that GFDA is working hard for our communi­ty, the city of Great Falls is working even harder to make sure that the small business owners in this town have a tough time keeping their doors open.

We have just lost two beautiful historic Bed and Breakfasts to our superb local bureaucracy within the city government. What a shame and disgrace!

— Blake Lowthian, Great Falls

Sounds familiar.


SallyT said...

Go Excplorers!

ZenPanda said...

I noticed that over the last few weeks the Trib's "freebie" version has become cluttered with more advertisements and the pages are annoying to the point of not wanting to read them (so why would I want to pay for it?)

a-fire-fly said...

" I switched my car's radio from talk radio to ESPN Radio" no wonder yer yawning if those are your options!