Until GeeGuy gets back on line to discuss the latest on the coal plant, consider this number. It is what you get if you divide $720 million(likely cost of the coal plant) by 4 (the share the City of Great Falls is to put up), and divide that by 56,690 (the population of Great Falls).

The City is looking at risking $3175.16 for every soul in the city. Just to build the thing. Without the carbon capture that seems to be an afterthought? So that it can sell power produced from coal 40% more expensive than expected? Shipped here at rates yet to be set, by the monopoly carrier, BNSF?

For perspective, the 2007 budget projects the City collecting about $12.6 million in taxes, which works out to $223.35 for everyone in Great Falls. So if the deal falls apart, they just need to raise our taxes 1400 % or so. I guess that is why folks in government do not seem to worry about risk. It is not their money at stake.


tmm said...

Erm, thanks for the math, I think. Yuck. The only solace I have is that I don't live in Great Falls. Sure makes me think twice about moving there though.

GeeGuy said...

1. I thought you did live here.

2. Who is Erm?

Anonymous said...

So you rich guys can pay double for us little guys who dont have 3 grand?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Havent you been listening to the city? Theres no risk.

Hallie said...

Dang! That's a scary figure.

I don't remember "advanced degree in power plant construction and management" as something we looked at in hiring the city manager.

Do we want to take this risk?

What are our options?

Big Sky Husker said...


I'm thinking a ballot initiative is one option. I also bet if the plant is approved, the greens will take that decision to court. Believe even the local rag that calls itself a newspaper has alluded to court proceedings if the plant is approved.

tmm said...

Gee Guy,
1)Nope, we own a business in GF (so really I'm not as untouched as I implied). We live, well, let's just say about an hour away.

2)That should have been Ahem or Umm, or something of that sort. Though you never really know what sounds will emanate when I'm clearing my throat.