That's so...um...er...disagreeable.

"When a few classmates razzed Rebekah Rice about her Mormon upbringing with questions such as, 'Do you have 10 moms?' she shot back: 'That's so gay.'"

Young Ms. Rice received a warning and a notation in her file.

No word on the fate of the "few classmates." I wonder if they were gay?

Dang. Now I did it.

Or did I?


david said...

Whoa. I'll testify that many kids - mine included - used "that's gay" as a generic phrase referring to something that is stupid, lame, pointless, etc. There is no homophobic connotation when they use it.

GiftShoppeGuy said...

Gay??... GAY??...

When will these folks ever stop...

In my generation, Gay meant "Happy".. as in "Happy & Gay"...

Should we, who coined the term in the first place, run all off to court to contest the use of this term??.. I think not.

If folks would quit taking things like this on the chin every time they turn around, this world would be a much better place.

ajtooley said...

A few years ago I worked with a guy who would absent-mindedly mumble at his computer, you know, like none of us would ever do. Anyway, he saw something he didn't like and said "That's so gay." Almost immediately he snapped up and looked in the direction of our gay co-worker, worried that he'd caused offense. Then the mumbler shook his head and said "I don't care. It's still gay."

It was pretty obvious that even though he knew it was possibly offensive, that was not the context in which he meant it.

rebcon said...

poeple often confuse the concepts of free speech and good manners.

Saying "that's gay" to mean something is stupid often isn't homophobic - my own nieces and nephews do it, and when they catch themselves around me they always apologize quickly even if their mom doesn't say "hey" first. But although many kids use it innocently, it is close enough temporally to its homophobic roots that it is not polite to say.

I am a firm supporter of free speech. I am also a firm supporter of good manners. They can coexist.