Kathleen Parker says:

In Selma, Ala., last weekend at the "Bloody Sunday" commemoration, Hillary auditioned for a dual role -- not just Southerner, but Southern preacher in the style of a Martin Luther King Jr.

That dry rustling you hear is the sound of millions of people cringing.

I thought the same thing.


marvin said...

Ms. Clinton will be the next president and will be quite an improvement over the current office-holder and probably the best president since Eisenhower.

People like Kathleen Parker use personal ridicule when they cannot offer contructive policy criticism.

The people attracted to Ms. Clinton know that her critics offer little in substantial thought and, accordingly, the petty comments are dismissed by them. They support her because she is battle-hardened from years of personal attack. She offers substantial ideas for this nation and this world. But, the critics ignore the substance and offer only trite comments on her appearance, voice, and mannerisms.

It is time for this to stop. Her critics should explain why this admrer of Barry Goldwater (she campaigned vigorously for him in 1964 and beyond) should be ignored.

GeeGuy said...

Sounds like Marvin missed the Obama bus...

WolfPack said...

Wow, it's hard to believe that someone would defend acting black in order to cull black votes. I guess it is necessary for her though so she can be the second black president. The only way to beat Obama is to fight black with black, in your face Barack!! I bet he’s still laughing.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't evil f*cking shrew count?

Rooster said...

“I don’t feel no ways tired…”

I followed your link on the original post.

My immediate reaction was disbelief…How could she not know how poorly John Kerry came-off when he pulled a similar stunt prior to 2004? What were her campaign advisors thinking?

“I’ve come to far from where I started from”

On further analysis, I have a different take opinion. I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised that Hilary the politician is acting in a way (she believes) will further her political career.

What bothers me now is that her audience appears to have bought in to it. Can't the target audience see right through her act? Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be if Hilary rode into Great Falls wearing a hat and boots, and spoke with a (Texan) drawl? It’s condescending, and not a little bit insulting.

“Nobody told me that the road would be easy”