Where else but the Tribune?

Where else but the Tribune is a 13% spending increase a "slash" to the budget?

(And why do I care what Aart Dolman thinks? Who the hell is Aart Dolman?)


Skeptical said...

Hmm well that IS a slash compared to what our free-spending governor wants. So who's worse, the Trib for calling an increase a slash, or the gov for making such a ridiculous statement true?

Anonymous said...

Ah, gee guy, you shouldn't dismiss people out of hand. I know Aart Dolman. Retired history professor from Northern Montana College. Korean War vet who came to this country from Holland. Brilliant man who has worked on human rights issues and environmental issues for as long as I can remember. Came from a family in Holland that sheltered Jews from the Germans. A man of some real substance land intellect. Careful who you dis.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

GeeGuy said...

Larry, I apologize to Aart if what I said came off as disrespectful. My point is that the Tribune (as do many in the media) will select some people and report on their perspectives as if they mean something. It's too easy to pick people that simply agree with the slant of the reporter.

And, even if they pick one person who agrees with that slant and one who doesn't why do the opinions of two people out of eight or nine hundred thousand matter? Why is it news?

Without the background you provided, why do I care what Aart Dolman thinks? Or, for that matter, why do I care what the gal at the coffee shop thinks? Why is that news?

So, Mr. Dolman, no offense. Sorry if you took any.