Staff Time

Electric City Power has 5 board members and two 'employees,' Coleen Balzarini and Jordan Love.

If this coal plant comes on line, ECP will be responsible for 62.5MW of electricity, roughly 3 times its current customer demand. No worries: Ms. Balzarini and Mr. Love have "plans to expand" this customer base.

Any experts here? Is it common for power companies to hire 'marketing departments' whose staff members hold full time jobs? Is it realistic to rely on someone to market ECP's power when that someone is also the Fiscal Services Director for a small city?

Is marketing of electricity that easy? See, I would have thought it was more time consuming than that.


WolfPack said...

Current city staff is my problem with the coal plant and any other non-traditional project the current city staff is involved in. Clearly a huge amount of staff time is being spent by the big guns of our city management team. Who is doing their job while they are performing these extracurricular assignments? The answer I've heard is nobody. From my prospective the problem isn't stopping the coal plant but removing Lawton and his armature hour involvement in multi-million dollar projects in our name.
Geeguy, I think more blame should be laid at Lawton’s feet for your troubles with full and timely disclosure. Your posts talk about the city as one collective entity when the strings are pulled by one man. Our commissioners need some public outrage to justify replacing Lawton or at a minimum motivating some prospective new commission candidates on an anti-Lawton platform (three commissioner terms are up this fall). I don’t know whether the lack of information is purposeful or that the documents just don’t exist. Either way shows that the city’s top guy is not doing the job because he is incompetent and/or devious. If we don’t keep the debate anti-Lawton our next commissioner may be an anti-business environmentalist who was able to get a coalition of anti-coal plant and anti-Lawton votes. I would prefer a pro business anti-Lawton candidate who was able to pull some anti-coal plant enviro votes.

Anonymous said...

There are many awaiting this falls election to make happen what "wolfpack" is saying here.....We have had it with substandard leadership and backroom deals from our elected and appointed folks in the Civic Center!