Highly Offensive!

As noted before, the Tribune was highly offended...offended...by Mike Lange's imprudent remarks last week.

So offended, in fact, that in today's story about legislative efforts to come to some terms ahead of the special session, they repeated his words:

That's a different tone than Lange took a little over a week ago, when— in public remarks to the House Republican Caucus — he called Schweitzer an "S.O.B." and said the governor could "go straight to hell."



Anonymous said...

Hey Governor! Compromise This Workout

I, Sweet Ol' Brian (John Cobb, John Parker and others bent on stripping Montanans of the American Dream), pledge to the taxpayers of Montana, that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.



big sky husker said...

This just in... Governor 60 Minutes has found a way to convert mint leaves into ethanol. This stunning development will be discussed during the soon to be announced special session. Story at 10. And not to be out done... the Trib will devote an entire editorial to the many benefits of mint, it's by-products and the brillance of Governor 60 Minutes.