Dream Platform, Part I

I had an idea. I thought it might be interesting to devise a dream platform for our 'ideal' City Commission candidate, Robert Redford thirty years ago (it was the only reasonably appropriate image I could find on Google). I will start it off and you are welcome to join me in the comments. Anything that I, in my ULTIMATE BLOGMASTER WISDOM, feel is worthy will be elevated to post level, or a plank in the platform, for further discussion and refinement by the community. (And, unlike Larry Kralj, if I occasionally use all caps, it can be assumed to be moderately tongue in cheek.)

I will start it off:

PLANK ONE: Freedom. Our candidate will support freedom in our community.
1. The Sign Code: Repealed. (Do you really think repealing it will make a difference? Has it made a difference?)
2. Smoking Ban: We will defy state law. Any owner or other person with the legally enforceable right to occupy property (i.e. tenants, for the legalese challenged) retains the right to authorize all activities thereon otherwise permitted by state law.
3. Land Use Code: Repealed. New one: Three zones. Residential. Commercial. Industrial. Any applications for zone changes will be considered by the City Commission after a public hearing. No input from any 'staff bureaucrat' is allowed. Testimony will be allowed from a) the property owner and b) owners of contiguous property. Period. A particular piece of property is allowed one zone change application per year.
4. Animal Code: Repealed. If your animal is caught on my land, you negotiate with me for its return. My decision is final.
5. Fireworks Code: Repealed. City wide referendum. Fireworks are legal from date x to date y. Or not. No more micromanaging.

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