Plank Two

I will stand in front of the mirror every morning and repeat the following: "I am an elected official in a small town in a smaller state. I am not smarter than the people who elected me, no matter how long I have been in office or how many terms I serve."


Anonymous said...

I will read the law and consult competent legal counsel because I know I am not smarter than those who elect me.

I will read the US Constitution and Montana Constitution once time each trimester, if only to refresh my memory on the things that matter most.

Anonymous said...

Where are you going to find competent legal counsel at the City?

Better stick to the Assistant City Attorney.

Anonymous said...

I said competent legal counsel.And that might not be anyone from the City Attorney's office.

Since I know I am not smarter than the people who voted for me, I could reserve the right to independent, second opinion legal counsel to challenge the party of the first part.