No Gag Order in case of the Flying Imams.

The First Amendment takes precedence over political correctness in Minnesota:

A federal judge will not block the public from accessing court documents or attending hearings in a lawsuit filed by a group of imams who say they were wrongly removed from a US Airways flight.

The imams' lawyer, Omar T. Mohammedi, had asked U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery in Minnesota to "remove members of the media" from the court's electronic case filing distribution list and hold proceedings in closed session.

Mr. Mohammedi did not respond to a request for comment, but he told the judge his clients had received death threats and had been unfairly criticized in press reports and Internet blogs.

"Under the First Amendment, the public and the press have a significant interest in full access to all judicial proceedings, both criminal and civil. You have provided no legal authority supporting your request to limit public access to this case," Judge Montgomery said.

Unfairly criticized? Give me a break.

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